• “Mr. Garg is very realistic and straightforward in his approach from assessment, to diagnosis and until the combined results meeting. Initially during the assessment, he said there was a lump that needed investigation and informed me realistically after the ultrasound, mammogram that it may be fibroadenoma though needed biopsy . When the biopsy results came, he said straightaway it was mucinous cancer with a good prognosis though we need to await for tissue analysis to confirm treatment. He said I will most likely have radiotherapy which is actually what Iam going to have. The emotions and empathy shown to me was for me appropriate in every stage of the meeting. Sadness when needed and joyous especially when its good news. AT times false reassurance through words and compassion for me will not be helpful at times because it does not make you realistic enough to face the truth. My husband felt that Mr Garg takes time to talk to his patients and does not appear to be in a hurry . information wise , he explains just enough for what patinet can grasp and understand but is open to answer questions. The surgery was successful and wound is healing nicely though i developed seroma afterwards which Mr Garg says happens at timesand reassured to let it heal naturally unless it goes bigger..He devised my incision bearing in mind my body image.”
  • “Prior to my mastectomy with immediate reconstruction Mr Garg offered information to enable me to make decisions and be prepared for the outcome of the surgery. This information proved to be both accurate and honest and the results were as I expected based on all the information I had been given. I found him to be both approachable and reassuring both before and after the surgery. As I am an older lady I am experiencing more issues than expected with my arm following the lymph node removal however Mr Garg has assured me that these will be resolved in time with exercise.”
  • “Mr. Garg is not only a brilliant surgeon but a lovely man. Although my treatment wasn't anything serious such as cancer, he made me feel just as important. I could go on for hours just how amazing Mr. Garg is, from start to finish he was with me throughout my treatment and it's safe to say we have established a solid friendly patient/surgeon relationship. I can't thank him enough for everything he has done for me. I would trust this man with a scalpel any day of the week and it's been a pleasure being in his care.”
  • “There is only one word you can use Excellent. The whole care package was amazing.”
  • “Thoughtful and caring about how a woman feels about the appearance of breast surgery. Result looks very neat and normal. Easy to discuss things and seen quickly at most appointments which is remarkable considering how many people are involved.

    Had to wait for several hours for first operation so it would have been wise to sleep on the couch because had to get up at 5.30am! Bonus the second time as went in first, an hour after I arrived.”
  • It was comforting to know that Mr Garg would be in surgery until 7.00pm and so I would not see him after my op before I went home.
    I am very pleased with the shape of my breast following a lumpectomy and periareolar mastopexy after only 18 days, I can already see the shape it is going to be.
  • “Very happy with my breast symmetry surgery. Many thanks.”
  • “From my very first appointment I was made to feel completely at ease. He took the time to explain everything, encouraging me to ask questions and giving me time to understand what he was saying. I was encouraged to contact his secretary if I had any questions/ reservations about any part off my treatment. I have every confidence in him, thanks to the great care and consideration he has given to myself and my husband throughout. Thanks to his skill and thoughtfulness I can barely see the scar following two operations. Anyone who did not know of my surgery would not be able to tell I had had surgery.”
  • “I had breast and lymph surgery. The scars are almost invisible after a year and my healing was quick.”
  • “Mr. Garg provided me with exceptional care. I felt informed throughout the time I was under his care, he thoroughly explained my diagnosis, treatment and care plan, considering my needs and accommodating my preferences. I would recommend Mr. Garg to other patients for both his skill as a surgeon and his holistic approach to the care he provides.”
  • “Great manner, great understanding and very patient.”
  • “After being diagnosed with breast cancer from the moment I met Mr Garg I knew I was in safe and experienced hands. His manner is professional and informative. He spends time explaining the next stages in a pragmatic and authorative way. The pre op preparation gave me the confidence to go into theatre positive and confident that I was in the best place and I have to say my breast looks amazing! The nurses have been wonderful, Aly Spicer in particular. Although I am only into my second week post op I feel very lucky that I have been under Mr Garg's care and that of his team.”
  • “My first appointment with Mr Garg was in August 2014, after having been diagnosed with pre cancerous cells (DCIS).
    After a very short period was booked for surgery. Mr Garg was very much aware that when told of this disease, it can cause many frightening thoughts, but Mr Garg explained the procedure for surgery and the post operative treatment in an easy to understand way and showed great empathy and confidence that the procedure would go well. He also explained the subsequent treatment and possible side effects to put me at ease.
    I have now had further mammoplasty surgery on my other breast and Mr Garg made a point of being at the hospital when my surgical dressing was removed so that he could check everything was as it should be. I am assured that Mr Garg will continue to offer personal excellent aftercare. Mr Garg should be treasured by The Ipswich Hospital Trust”
  • “Mr Garg was the complete professional and I had every confidence in him.

    I would only like to ask him to smile just a little bit more, although I know his is a serious profession, he's just a tad too solemn and might make patients feel more apprehensive. However, I completely understand why he's quite solemn and it would be totally inappropriate for him to be cracking jokes all the time!”
  • “Following my diagnosis at Ipswich Hospital with breast cancer in Nov 2014, Mr Garg performed a therapeutic mammoplasty on my right breast, removing all the cancerous tissue with clear margins. The result is excellent with minimum scarring. Mr Garg has always taken the time to explain every step of my treatment, and recently when I was suffering some pain he saw me personally to reassure me and diagnosed costochondritis. I found him to be an excellent surgeon, very thorough, who takes great pride in his work and also has a caring bedside manner. Thank you Mr Garg.”
  • “The service I received from Mr Garg and his team was extremely good. He took the time to explain what was going to happen the exact nature of the surgery he would perform complete with diagrams to help me understand. The stichting was really neat and is already starting to fade. He was there for the follow up appointments and did not keep me waiting too long. I really appreciate the support that I have received from Mr Garg and the rest of the breast cancer team.”
  • “I have been attending the breast clinic for the last four months. During this time I have been very impressed by everyone in the team. All the staff have a highly professional approach to the patient, which is coupled to a compassion and understanding of the concerns and worries associated with my condition. In particular, I would like to thank the surgical teams who performed my operations. I was dealt with in a very understanding and professional way, and in particular I would like to compliment the work of Mr Neeraj Garg and Miss Mortimer for their excellent surgical work and for their subsequent follow-up care.”
  • “On Monday 1st June I was seen very promptly for my follow up appointment. Mr Garg was the surgeon who carried out my lumpectomy two years ago. At the time he was very informative about the procedure I would have and took great care to explain how important it was for breasts to look good after surgery. That this would help psychologically with recovery and he is absolutely right. I am very pleased with the result. It is reassuring to have annual follow up appointments.”
  • “As a result of a regular mammogram a small lump was identified in my breast, after a biopsy it was confirmed as cancerous - but the Breast Care Clinic were fantastic - Mr Garg and Sue Yates, Breast Care nurse, couldn't have been more supportive. Everything was explained to me and my husband in great detail - we felt quite reassured about my future health. Even when I had to go back for further surgery to remove more nodes we still felt confident of a positive outcome. Mr Garg is a lovely natured man - so easy to talk to - caring manner and seems to know what you are going to ask before you do so. A real professional. I am very impressed with his skill as a surgeon - minimal scaring - even after being operated on the same place twice!

    We have been very impressed by the whole Breast Care Clinic and the South Theatre team - 10/10.
    Now about to go to Radio Therapy where already I feel at ease and feel people care.”
  • “Having spent the last 2 years with chronic neck, shoulder and backache, I applied for a breast reduction, something which no department I had seen recommended and hadn't even considered this could have been the sole cause of my discomfort, for having such a large bust to a petite frame. I pursued this though my GP for funding and given the evidence of my discomfort, it was agreed I met the criteria for this to be done.

    I met with Dr Garg and his team, who I have to say were very understanding and gave complete assurance about the procedure.

    Once I came round for surgery and got out of bed, it was so noticeable, the weight and strain on my shoulders and neck had gone. Surgery was no where near as painful as I thought it was going to be, and absolutely delighted nearly 6 weeks post op with the outcome. Minimal scarring and heals so quickly. Looking forward to having a more active life, without my chest restricting me.

    Thank you to the team certainly has been life-changing.”7


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