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  • “I found Mr Garg to be very professional in every respect and trusted his every word. I would recommend him to anyone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. His surgery has left me with minimal scaring. I can only thank him from the bottom of my heart for his care and attention. I would also like to thank all of his team for their help and care too.”
  • “On being diagnosed with breast cancer on the 1st December I was introduced to Mr Garg who explained in great detail what the procedure he would like to do. As the tumour was at the base of the breast it would mean once everything had healed gravity would take over and the breast would be deformed. Being 65 I thought " why care, just take it away" but I'm glad I listened to having breast reconstruction as after month later the wound is healing nicely and everything looks great. The whole experience with Mr Garg and his fantastic team has been a very positive experience and I am hoping the results will prove to be a positive outcome.”
  • “I have been a patient of Mr Garg for 18 months now following diagnosis of breast cancer. He and nurse Julie provided me with all the information I needed and were sensitive in their treatment of me especially in some dark and confusing times. Mr Garg successfully undertook breast saving surgery. In fact the whole team in the clinic are very helpful, supportive and knowledgeable and work well linking in with other teams in the hospital which helps in providing a more seamless service.”
  • “The Doctor was very good, he was very informative and took the time to explain in good detail. I was aware of what was going to happen and the process my mother was going to follow. I was impressed that all the appointments where made ahead of time allowing us to plan.

    My mother had breast cancer and the doctor was very descriptive, as she is elderly this was a little to much for her to take in all at once - I felt a simple flow diagram/ pictorial explanation of the procedure and "what happens next" would have been useful for her to take away and digest.

    There where a number of dates and times and different locations all on individual pieces of paperwork /documentation, again this was a little confusing for my mother who was anxious about missing an appointment, again if this was collated on one summary sheet in date order this again would be helpful.

    On the whole the service was very good and very efficient and we where very grateful for the advice that the Doctor gave.....”
  • “Mr Garg was very friendly and helped answer any questions I had before during and after the surgery. He make me aware of likely outcomes after the surgery so I was prepared. On the day on the surgery I met with him about 30 mins before I went into theatre he was smiley and put me at ease, along with the other staff. The only critic I have is that sometimes I could have done with him taking the lead on questions with things I potentially had not thought about, maybe from other patients. I felt very much like if I didn't ask the question I probably wouldn't know. However when I did ask his answers were helpful and good.”
  • “I would not hesitate to recommend Mr Garg. He is caring, compassionate, highly skilled and just what one needs at a scary time. He took time to explain everything about the procedure and he takes such care with the surgery that any scarring is minimal.”
  • “Early in September 2014 I found myself in a very frightening situation. A routine mammogram showed a tumour which turned out to be cancerous. From the first day that I was introduced to Mr Garg I felt completely at ease, he explained the operation that I would need in simple terms and was very kind and sympathetic to both myself and my daughter. Reassuring us that he would do the utmost that he could to remove all the cancer.

    Following surgery to remove the tumour and then another to clear lymph nodes, Mr Gargs surgical skills are second to none. The scars are minimal.

    I am now going to be starting a course of chemotherapy.

    I can thoroughly reccommend Mr Garg as a brilliant surgeon and also a very compassionate man.

    I feel very lucky to have been in his care.”
  • “From the time I was diagnosed to the actual surgery, Mr Garg was brilliant. He explained where the actual tumour was in my breast as well as showing details from the ultra sound. I was lucky, they found it on a routine mammogram, was recalled for further tests. From the day of diagnosis to the actual surgery it was 3 weeks. On the day of the surgery, I saw Mr Garg. He put me at my ease. I am now awaiting Radiatherapy. I will be seeing Mr Garg in about 4 months for a routine check.”
  • “Oh my god! I cannot thank or rate Mr Garg high enough. I would adopt him if I could. From start to now he has been brilliant, empathetic, professional, understanding and I could not have wished for a better surgeon. His team (the cancer nurses) include Kim, Julie, Helen etc., are great always there for you, they always remember you and are so encouraging and helpful. Mr Garg had done a great job on my breasts, he has elimanted the cancer which is the main thing.. Whenever I was scared he always made me feel at ease and that he would do the absolute best that he could. I would always recommend ladies (and men) to see Mr Garg. Anyone concerned, scared, worried, can speak to me my telephone number is available via Ipswich hospital. Do not worry - you are in very, very safe hands... Mr Garg I hope you read this, you are the most understanding, brilliant person and surgeon (as are your team) (Kim in particular) You showed me kindness with a hug when first diagnosed and compassion during the surgery and great belief in me to get through this nasty "C" word. I cannot thank you enough xx”
  • “When I was introduced to Mr Garg, he was polite & friendly. He read my notes prior to my operation. He undertook to do my operation, although it's still early days, but it seems all has gone ok. When I returned to the hospital for my wound check, the nurse removed my dressings & Mr Garg came in and looked at how things were progressing & offered advice to the nurse & myself.

    At this stage, I am unable to put forward any suggestions for improvement as my treatment at Ipswich Hospital, so far, has been excellent. I have absolutely no fault to find with anyone or anything.”
  • “Mr Garg was the allocated surgeon for my recent operation. I found him to be very professional and he listened to my questions. He gave me the advice I needed and guided me through the step by step procedure, before and after for which I am very grateful.”
  • “All the staff in the breast clinic were really wonderful. Mr Garg was kind and explained in full the surgery on my breast, he uses the Glue method and the result is very good. The Radiotherapy department was calm and again all the treatment explained. I must mention the fish pond and running water just outside the department, such a tranquil place to sit. Whoever donated the area so patients can sit and contemplate, had vision, thank you to them as well.

    My experience at the hospital was very positive. The people who staff the Breast clinic and the Clinical Oncology department are very professional and kind. You know you can trust them.

    Thank you.”
    Ms Galpin
  • “After finding a lump in my left breast, I was referred to Mr Garg, from that minute until the time I was told there was no cancer, I was supported and looked after by Mr Garg and his team. Time was taken with me, he visited me, on the day before my small op to reassure me. I have been left with little or no visible sign that an incision was made. Mine was a very minor problem, but I was treated with respect and understanding throughout the time I was under his care”
  • “Very professional, I didn't feel rushed. Had a caring patient approach. Gave me the confidence I was being looked after.”
  • “I had my first my first routine mammogram, age 48, as part of the early call up program. 20th May 2014 I was recalled for further tests to discover I had DCIS (Ductal Cancer in Situ), I had no physical symptoms / lumps and was in good health. This was a massive shock, and I had to have a biopsy that day. I first saw Mr Garg in his clinic at Ipswich, following the results of that biopsy having been told I needed it operated on. I could not speak highly enough of him, he was professional and very kind at the same time, taking time to explain in detail the procedure its outcomes and to answer all my sometimes daft questions I had for him. It all happened so quickly and is difficult to get you're head around. I left the consultation with a clear understanding of what would happen next, and of the possible outcome(s) Mr Garg came to see me before the operation on 11th June and I felt I was in very safe, highly skilled, hands, and I completely believed as he'd said he would do his very best for me. I am now post op and again Mr Garg went the extra mile as it is normal for your GP to check the wound 10 days later, but he offered to see me and again answered my barrage of questions, I couldn't be happier with the results so far he has done an amazing job considering the extent of the surgery. I would like to believe all consultant surgeons are of the same calibre as Mr Garg, I feel very lucky and blessed to be under his care.”
  • “To put this in context, I attended my first routine mammogram, age 48, at the beginning of May 2014. I was recalled to discover I had bilateral breast cancer, I had no physical symptoms / lumps etc. This was a massive shock, on 23 May I saw Mr Garg in his clinic at Ipswich. I could not speak highly enough of him, in the way the he dealt with my husband and me. Mr Garg possesses the ability to be both professional and very kind at the same time. He took time to explain the operation, he listened and answered any concerns that we had. Given, the short timescale, it was a lot for me to take in and I left the consultation with a clear understanding of what would happen next. Mr Garg came to see me before the operation on 10 June and I felt I was in very safe, highly skilled, hands. Mr Garg is a credit to both his profession and the NHS.”
  • “I cannot epress my thanks enough to Mr Garg and all the staff throughout my treatment for their understanding and compassion, they were brilliant!”
  • “I was recalled from a routine Breast Screening which lead to a diagnosis of a DCIS (Ductal Carcinoma insitu) of the right Breast. Mr Garg was my appointed Consultant Surgeon. During my initial consultation with him he discussed with sensitivity and clarity what my diagnosis meant and what treatment would be needed. I left that initial consultation feeling positive and in capable hands, having had all my questions and concerns answered.

    On the day of my surgery, which was only a matter of 2 weeks from diagnosis, Mr Garg and his registrar came to see me both before and after my surgery. He reconfirmed what he would be doing and assured me that every effort would be taken to achieve a good cosmetic appearance. Mr Garg was able to perform a Wire Guided Wide Local Excision and Sentinel Node Biopsy through one incision, which I was really pleased about. My recovery was good, I had minimal discomfort post-operatively and was soon back to work. My treatment plan has included a course of Radiotherapy which I so far have been able to attend whilst still being able to return to work.

    I found Mr Gargs' approach to my situation both sensitive and professional. He treated me with dignity and respect and I would definately recommend him to anyone else facing such a diagnosis and subsequent treatment. A BIG thanks to him and his Team.”
  • “I have received wonderful care from the whole team.”

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