• “Mr Garg operated on my right breast removing calcification and performing a flap reconstruction which was very successful and I can see how it won't look too dissimilar to left breast when completely healed. This is a much better operation than having the easier option of a straight row of stitiches across nipple area. I am very grateful to him for suggesting this way of doing things, and I'm healing nicely. Mr Garg has spent time to go through everything with me in a helpful caring way. I am very impressed and would recommend him to anyone.”
  • “In his personal statement on the IWGC website, Mr Neeraj Garg says: “I believe in putting the patient at ease from the first meeting and follow them through to completion of treatment.” This is exactly what Mr Garg has done for me. From giving my initial cancer diagnosis, he followed up with a phone call when more results came in, to explain what type of cancer it was and what the implications were: more meetings before and after 2 operations. During all of these meetings, Mr Garg never flinched from the hundreds of questions I asked - I never felt hurried along. It was hugely reassuring to have this level of dialog with the person who would perform both operations. Mr Garg’s manner was ideal for me... both matter of fact and sympathetic. I never doubted for a minute that I was getting the best possible care. After my operations I developed an infection and Mr Garg found time to fit me into his emergency clinic. I’m delighted to have the opportunity to give him the best feedback. Thanks Mr Garg!”
  • “I have been well informed throughout treatment and surgery by Mr Garg and the rest of the Breast Care Team. I appreciate that Mr Garg went down the breast conserving route despite a mass of 6.1cm, other surgeons would have done a mastectomy with this size of tumour. Mr Garg has left me with minimal and neat scarring, which has exceeded my expectations. I am so very grateful for Mr Garg’s expertise and skill. The care I have received from the Breast Cancer Team has been outstanding from the moment I had the diagnosis to having surgery. Every aspect of my care has been prompt and efficient. Thank you so very much”
  • “The care I have received from Mr. Garg was excellent. He initially had the difficult job of telling me that I had a triple negative breast tumour and the course of treatment that the multi disciplinary team at Kings would advise. He did this in an informative, calm and sensitive manner. After I had completed six months of chemotherapy, I returned to him for the surgical stage of my treatment. I was fortunate that the chemotherapy had been successful and I was able to have a lumpectomy. Yet again he was reassuring; as well as being extremely clear and thorough when it came to explaining exactly how he intended to remove the required amount of tissue and the method he would use to do so, whilst trying to conserve as much of my breast as possible. I entered the operating theatre feeling confident and knowing exactly what to expect if everything went to plan. The result of my surgery was superb. My breast looked exactly as he explained to me it would and he has done a remarkable job of keeping it’s shape almost identical to the other one with the nipple iintact. Of course there will be scarring as with any major surgery but it will be minimal. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mr. garg to any patient who requires surgery.”
  • “I am very pleased with the care Mr Neeraj Garg has given me at King's College Hospital. He did a very neat lumpectomy that has healed well. In consultations Mr Garg has been both empathetic and reassuring at this difficult time. He has a warm manner and I have every confidence in the service he provides.”
  • “Dr Garg is an outstanding colleague, he is always approachable and always willing to discuss patient problems and willing to help. He is an active member of multi-disciplinary team and will do his best to assist the team.”
  • “I went to see Mr Garg in a state of high anxiety having recently been seen in an NHS clinic by a very alarming and confusing Registrar who was giving me very mixed messages about my condition. Mr Garg explained clearly my situation, simply and sympathetically and I felt hugely reassured by him and confident that he would make the right decisions for me. I was able to liaise with his secretary and was seen and treated very quickly. I was very comfortable post operatively and the wound site is healing brilliantly.”
  • “Following a lumpectomy last year I felt that the difference in size between my breasts (2 cup sizes) was really noticeable. Mr Garg was very understanding and performed a Reduction Mammoplasty 6 weeks ago for symmetry. He has shown great care, has a very reassuring manner, but most of all produced results that have made me very happy.”
  • “Dr Garg, was extremely helpful and caring, he was very through in his explanation of the procedure. My surgery went well and aftercare including follow up appointments have been very good.”
  • “I have just had my 5 year anniversary consultation with Mr Garg. For all good reasons, hopefully the last time I see him. Mr Garg performed my breast operation for DCIS 5 years ago. For my initial diagnosis I saw someone else but just prior to going into theatre for my operation I met Mr Garg, who explained what was about to happen. He was very kind and understanding as I was a nervous wreck at the time. The operation went well and I have a very neat scar which can hardly been seen. I am very happy with the outcome. At this last consultation Mr Garg was again very kind and helpful and answered all my questions. He explained to me about my future risks and what I should do if I am concerned at any time in the future. I would thoroughly recommend him. Thank you for everything.”
  • “i have just had treatment for breat cancer and have had my op . will be starting my hormon treatment and radio theropy soon , the op went well and i am pleased with my surgeon at this time i am happy with all that i have had done and the way staff that have treated me.”
  • “My visit to Ipswich hospital was a good experience gave me confidence for the future.”
  • “Mr Garg was sympathetic, understanding and explained the procedures fully and clearly. He answered all my questions satisfactorily regarding future treatment. He also provided excellent post- operative reconstruction“
  • “Right from our initial meeting when Mr Garg told me I had calcification in my left breast, I felt reassured that he would do his best by me. I had a biopsy which confirmed the diagnosis and then everything moved so quickly to resolve the problem. It has all happened in a few weeks and I have had surgery removing what turned out to be a grade 2 tumor, and breast reconstruction on both sides. This was Mr Garg's suggestion because I was 'well endowed' and if only one side was done I would look unbalanced. My confidence in Mr Garg has helped me through this experience and I would encourage anyone to have that same confidence. He treats you as an individual not just a number and his manner is always comforting. I cannot sing his praises enough. He has a great team working with him and I hope he stays at Ipswich Hospital for a long time to help other women in my situation. I feel everything has worked well in my case and at no stage did I think it could have been better. Finally I would like to say thank you, I feel I have had a very lucky escape.”
  • “Superb first-class care and attention from everyone in the breast care team. Support and information given at every stage with assurance and compassion. Every procedure explained in great detail and backed up with written information and explanations.

    Thank you all so much for your care and support - it is very reassuring at a difficult time.”
  • “I conveyed to Dr Garg all my fears about my operation and he took the time to explain everything he would be doing using simple diagrams that helped me understand and allayed all my fears. I was given options and explanations regarding reconstruction and received recommendations based on his experience which I was happy accept. Now post op I can honestly say I am totally pleased, overwhelmed and excited with the results, the scarring is minimal and I could not be happier all things considered.

    Dr Garg is a very thoughtful and considerate surgeon who clearly has the patients best interests at heart and I can't recommend him enough. Dr Garg.....Thank you x”
  • “Mr Garg is a surgeon of great skill and I felt confident in putting myself in his hands for my recent surgery at the Nuffield Ipswich, for breast cancer. He is very thorough, arranging for a bone and CT scan, and has a calm and reassuring manner. Compliments should also be paid to his secretary Wendy, who was always available to guide me through the admin and to answer my queries, on one occasion getting back to me well into the evening.”
  • “Mr Garg is a gentle and sympathetic doctor. I think it would have helped me if he had been more realistic about the outcome of my surgery, firstly about the appearance of my breast - I think there will be far more scarring than I was lead to believe; and secondly about the results of the biopsy - it came as quite a shock to find that chemotherapy was recommended and that this would give me a 75% chance of survival (rather more than just an inconvenience!)”
  • “I wish to express my thanks and appreciation for the wonderful treatment, support and care shown to me during my visit with Mr Garg at Ipswich Hospital.

    He has been extremely professional yet caring with excellent listening skills I certainly appreciate Mr Garg and his surgical team for their expertise in the operating theatre and for the post-operative care.”
  • “Mr Garg provided a wondeful level of care for me. He was sensitive to my needs but also had a good sense of humour which I needed at the time. I am very pleased with the results of my surgery and everything is healing well. He was available when I panicked and returned to the hospital for a check up and very kind and reassuring at all times. I never doubted I was in good hands and felt very confident that he was in charge of my surgery. I am extremely grateful to him and his team. They provide an amazing personal service and I will be sending a thank you to them personally.”
  • “I was given informative info throughout my procedure and felt very comfortable with all aspects of my care with Mr Garg”


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