N Garg Breast Cancer Surgeon

Hannah Brazil (Practice Manager)


Mr Neeraj Garg is an experienced Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon whose NHS practice is based at King’s College Hospital, London.

He is also an Honorary Senior Lecturer at King’s Health Partners, King’s College, London, and committed to teaching and training.

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London Bridge Hospital
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The Guthrie Clinic, Denmark Hill
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BMI The Blackheath Hospital
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Onewellbeck Women’s Health
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The Harley Street Clinic
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BMI The Sloane Hospital

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Mr N K Garg is one of the leading private breast surgeons in London. Mr N K Garg specialises in breast cancer surgery, breast cancer management, treatment of benign breast problems breast problems in men and breast reconstructive surgery. Here is a list of procedures and treatments that he provides. For any enquiry related to private breast cancer surgery or breast surgery in London, please write to us at gargsec@kmprofessionals.co.uk or call us at +44 77651 04525

Diagnosis & Management of Breast Lump Triple Assessment..

Diagnosis & Treatment of Breast Cancer. Management of Atypical Lesions

Intraoperative Radiotherapy With Breast Conserving Surgery

Exchange of Implants. Symmetrisation Surgery. Complex Breast Corrections

Excision of Lumps, Cysts & Skin Lesions




Reassuring and takes time to explain the issues with a thorough review. Thank you

Written by a patient at "Breast Pain Management" -

Excellent experience with Mr Garg. Very pleasant manner and all tests carried out promptly on same appointment.

Written by a patient at "Breast Pain Management" -

Very good.

Written by a patient at "Breast Lump" -

Dr Garg is extremely professional and I would highly recommend him

Written by a patient at "Breast Lump" -

Quick service, explained everything well and gave me piece of mind. Thank you.

Written by a patient at "Breast Pain Management" -

Very good, very professional and very friendly.

Written by a patient at "Breast Cancer" -

Mr Garg was assuring, and I am so glad my sister recommended him for my examinations.

Written by a patient at "Breast Reduction" -

Top service – very pleased with Mr Garg. I was a bit anxious initially as I had never done a mammogram before. He explained everything in detail and that put me at ease. Great professional.

Written by a patient at "Breast Screening (Mammogram)" -

Very professional

Written by a patient at "Breast Lump" -

Professional, and helpful

Written by a patient at "Breast Pain Management" -

Mr Garg gave me confidence that I was in safe hands which was further supported by the fantastic team at Kings. Mr Garg and his team were exceptional on all fronts – client communication, procedure execution and after-care. All my needs were met with professional and genuine dedication. Mr Garg always put me at ease, answered every question and curve ball posed that I had, and reassured me throughout the course of my journey.

Written by a patient at "King's College Hospital" -

Mr Neeraj Garg was polite, informative and a good communicator. His surgery was excellent having taken away the lump with neat unobtrusive scars. I’m so glad to be free from the cancer with no evidence of any further cells.

Written by a patient at "King's College Hospital" -

Like many patients, I came under Mr Garg’s care as a result of a regular breast scan which proved to be ‘less regular’ than I had either hoped or anticipated. My initial consultation with Mr Garg was as a cancer patient having had a biopsy which confirmed that I had breast cancer. This consultation consisted of an examination and a discussion on what surgical options I would have, in my case the decision was to proceed with a lumpectomy.

Written by a patient at "King's College Hospital" -

Mr. N. Grag operated on my left breast after my cancer gr 1 diagnostic. The surgery was very successful with no complication and the care and attention Mr Grag and the Breast Cancer team offered was outstanding. The scars are almost invisible after a year. I cannot recommend Mr Garg enough, he is a fantastic consultant. Thank you!

Written by a patient at "King's College Hospital" -

Always put at ease when I attend clinical appointments with my daughter. Mr Garg is an exceptional surgeon who cares very much for his patients. He is kind, compassionate and attentive. Explains procedures planned and check my daughter and I understood. We are grateful and privileged to be under his care. We are always aware that treatment is evidence based.

Written by a patient at "King's College Hospital" -

Mr Garg is hands down one of the most amazing doctors I’ve come across. Being diagnosed with Breast Cancer aged 24 was a tough pill to swallow, so many things went through my mind but Mr Garg always put me at ease, answered every question under the sun that I had and reassured me throughout the course of my treatment.

Written by a patient at "King's College Hospital" -

Mr Garg operated on my right breast removing calcification and performing a flap reconstruction which was very successful and I can see how it won’t look too dissimilar to left breast when completely healed. This is a much better operation than having the easier option of a straight row of stitiches across nipple area. I am very grateful to him for suggesting this way of doing things, and I’m healing nicely. Mr Garg has spent time to go through everything with me in a helpful caring way. I am very impressed and would recommend him to anyone.

Written by a patient at "King's College Hospital" -

In his personal statement on the IWGC website, Mr Neeraj Garg says: “I believe in putting the patient at ease from the first meeting and follow them through to completion of treatment.” This is exactly what Mr Garg has done for me. From giving my initial cancer diagnosis, he followed up with a phone call when more results came in, to explain what type of cancer it was and what the implications were: more meetings before and after 2 operations.

Written by a patient at "King's College Hospital" -

I have been well informed throughout treatment and surgery by Mr Garg and the rest of the Breast Care Team. I appreciate that Mr Garg went down the breast conserving route despite a mass of 6.1cm, other surgeons would have done a mastectomy with this size of tumour. Mr Garg has left me with minimal and neat scarring, which has exceeded my expectations.

Written by a patient at "King's College Hospital" -

The care I have received from Mr. Garg was excellent. He initially had the difficult job of telling me that I had a triple negative breast tumour and the course of treatment that the multi disciplinary team at Kings would advise. He did this in an informative, calm and sensitive manner.

Written by a patient at "King's College Hospital" -

I am very pleased with the care Mr Neeraj Garg has given me at King’s College Hospital. He did a very neat lumpectomy that has healed well. In consultations Mr Garg has been both empathetic and reassuring at this difficult time. He has a warm manner and I have every confidence in the service he provides.

Written by a patient at "King's College Hospital" -

Dr Garg is an outstanding colleague, he is always approachable and always willing to discuss patient problems and willing to help. He is an active member of multi-disciplinary team and will do his best to assist the team.

Written by a patient at "King's College Hospital" -

I went to see Mr Garg in a state of high anxiety having recently been seen in an NHS clinic by a very alarming and confusing Registrar who was giving me very mixed messages about my condition. Mr Garg explained clearly my situation, simply and sympathetically and I felt hugely reassured by him and confident that he would make the right decisions for me.

Written by a patient at "Nuffield Hospital Ipswich" -

Following a lumpectomy last year I felt that the difference in size between my breasts (2 cup sizes) was really noticeable. Mr Garg was very understanding and performed a Reduction Mammoplasty 6 weeks ago for symmetry. He has shown great care, has a very reassuring manner, but most of all produced results that have made me very happy.

Written by a patient at "Ipswich Hospital" -

Dr Garg, was extremely helpful and caring, he was very through in his explanation of the procedure. My surgery went well and aftercare including follow up appointments have been very good.

Written by a patient at "Ipswich Hospital" -

I have just had my 5 year anniversary consultation with Mr Garg. For all good reasons, hopefully the last time I see him. Mr Garg performed my breast operation for DCIS 5 years ago. For my initial diagnosis I saw someone else but just prior to going into theatre for my operation I met Mr Garg, who explained what was about to happen. He was very kind and understanding as I was a nervous wreck at the time. The operation went well and I have a very neat scar which can hardly been seen.

Written by a patient at "Ipswich Hospital" -

I have just had treatment for breat cancer and have had my op . will be starting my hormon treatment and radio theropy soon , the op went well and i am pleased with my surgeon at this time i am happy with all that i have had done and the way staff that have treated me.

Written by a patient at "Ipswich Hospital" -

My visit to Ipswich hospital was a good experience gave me confidence for the future.

Written by a patient at "Ipswich Hospital" -

Mr Garg was sympathetic, understanding and explained the procedures fully and clearly. He answered all my questions satisfactorily regarding future treatment. He also provided excellent post- operative reconstruction

Written by a patient at "Ipswich Hospital" -

Right from our initial meeting when Mr Garg told me I had calcification in my left breast, I felt reassured that he would do his best by me. I had a biopsy which confirmed the diagnosis and then everything moved so quickly to resolve the problem. It has all happened in a few weeks and I have had surgery removing what turned out to be a grade 2 tumor, and breast reconstruction on both sides. This was Mr Garg’s suggestion because I was ‘well endowed’ and if only one side was done I would look unbalanced. My confidence in Mr Garg has helped me through this experience and I would encourage anyone to have that same confidence.

Written by a patient at "Ipswich Hospital" -


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