Ipswich Hospital

The Doctor was very good, he was very informative and took the time to explain in good detail. I was aware of what was going to happen and the process my mother was going to follow. I was impressed that all the appointments where made ahead of time allowing us to plan.

My mother had breast cancer and the doctor was very descriptive, as she is elderly this was a little to much for her to take in all at once – I felt a simple flow diagram/ pictorial explanation of the procedure and “what happens next” would have been useful for her to take away and digest.

There where a number of dates and times and different locations all on individual pieces of paperwork /documentation, again this was a little confusing for my mother who was anxious about missing an appointment, again if this was collated on one summary sheet in date order this again would be helpful.

On the whole the service was very good and very efficient and we where very grateful for the advice that the Doctor gave…