Ipswich Hospital

I was recalled from a routine Breast Screening which lead to a diagnosis of a DCIS (Ductal Carcinoma insitu) of the right Breast. Mr Garg was my appointed Consultant Surgeon. During my initial consultation with him he discussed with sensitivity and clarity what my diagnosis meant and what treatment would be needed. I left that initial consultation feeling positive and in capable hands, having had all my questions and concerns answered.

On the day of my surgery, which was only a matter of 2 weeks from diagnosis, Mr Garg and his registrar came to see me both before and after my surgery. He reconfirmed what he would be doing and assured me that every effort would be taken to achieve a good cosmetic appearance. Mr Garg was able to perform a Wire Guided Wide Local Excision and Sentinel Node Biopsy through one incision, which I was really pleased about. My recovery was good, I had minimal discomfort post-operatively and was soon back to work. My treatment plan has included a course of Radiotherapy which I so far have been able to attend whilst still being able to return to work.

I found Mr Gargs’ approach to my situation both sensitive and professional. He treated me with dignity and respect and I would definately recommend him to anyone else facing such a diagnosis and subsequent treatment. A BIG thanks to him and his Team.