Ipswich Hospital

Mr. Garg is very realistic and straightforward in his approach from assessment, to diagnosis and until the combined results meeting. Initially during the assessment, he said there was a lump that needed investigation and informed me realistically after the ultrasound, mammogram that it may be fibroadenoma though needed biopsy . When the biopsy results came, he said straightaway it was mucinous cancer with a good prognosis though we need to await for tissue analysis to confirm treatment. He said I will most likely have radiotherapy which is actually what Iam going to have.

The emotions and empathy shown to me was for me appropriate in every stage of the meeting. Sadness when needed and joyous especially when its good news. AT times false reassurance through words and compassion for me will not be helpful at times because it does not make you realistic enough to face the truth. My husband felt that Mr Garg takes time to talk to his patients and does not appear to be in a hurry . information wise , he explains just enough for what patinet can grasp and understand but is open to answer questions.

The surgery was successful and wound is healing nicely though i developed seroma afterwards which Mr Garg says happens at timesand reassured to let it heal naturally unless it goes bigger..He devised my incision bearing in mind my body image.