Ipswich Hospital

To put this in context, I attended my first routine mammogram, age 48, at the beginning of May 2014. I was recalled to discover I had bilateral breast cancer, I had no physical symptoms / lumps etc. This was a massive shock, on 23 May I saw Mr Garg in his clinic at Ipswich. I could not speak highly enough of him, in the way the he dealt with my husband and me.

Mr Garg possesses the ability to be both professional and very kind at the same time. He took time to explain the operation, he listened and answered any concerns that we had. Given, the short timescale, it was a lot for me to take in and I left the consultation with a clear understanding of what would happen next. Mr Garg came to see me before the operation on 10 June and I felt I was in very safe, highly skilled, hands. Mr Garg is a credit to both his profession and the NHS.