Ipswich Hospital

Right from our initial meeting when Mr Garg told me I had calcification in my left breast, I felt reassured that he would do his best by me. I had a biopsy which confirmed the diagnosis and then everything moved so quickly to resolve the problem. It has all happened in a few weeks and I have had surgery removing what turned out to be a grade 2 tumor, and breast reconstruction on both sides. This was Mr Garg’s suggestion because I was ‘well endowed’ and if only one side was done I would look unbalanced. My confidence in Mr Garg has helped me through this experience and I would encourage anyone to have that same confidence.

He treats you as an individual not just a number and his manner is always comforting. I cannot sing his praises enough. He has a great team working with him and I hope he stays at Ipswich Hospital for a long time to help other women in my situation. I feel everything has worked well in my case and at no stage did I think it could have been better. Finally I would like to say thank you, I feel I have had a very lucky escape.