King’s College Hospital

Like many patients, I came under Mr Garg’s care as a result of a regular breast scan which proved to be ‘less regular’ than I had either hoped or anticipated.

My initial consultation with Mr Garg was as a cancer patient having had a biopsy which confirmed that I had breast cancer. This consultation consisted of an examination and a discussion on what surgical options I would have, in my case the decision was to proceed with a lumpectomy. Mr Garg immediately gave me confidence that I was in safe hands which was really important to hear at this time when everything is new and potentially very scary. Feeling that you are in safe hands with Mr Garg and the fantastic team at Kings took some of the fear of the unknown away.

I, unfortunately, had a couple of complications to deal with during my treatment which required a second surgery and I also had an allergic reaction to one of the mediations I was placed on, through all of this Mr Garg and the team at Kings were superb, supporting me all the way through recovery and making me feel like I was getting personal care all the way.