King’s College Hospital

The care I have received from Mr. Garg was excellent. He initially had the difficult job of telling me that I had a triple negative breast tumour and the course of treatment that the multi disciplinary team at Kings would advise. He did this in an informative, calm and sensitive manner.

After I had completed six months of chemotherapy, I returned to him for the surgical stage of my treatment. I was fortunate that the chemotherapy had been successful and I was able to have a lumpectomy. Yet again he was reassuring; as well as being extremely clear and thorough when it came to explaining exactly how he intended to remove the required amount of tissue and the method he would use to do so, whilst trying to conserve as much of my breast as possible.

I entered the operating theatre feeling confident and knowing exactly what to expect if everything went to plan.

The result of my surgery was superb. My breast looked exactly as he explained to me it would and he has done a remarkable job of keeping it’s shape almost identical to the other one with the nipple intact. Of course there will be scarring as with any major surgery but it will be minimal.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mr. garg to any patient who requires surgery.