King’s College Hospital

In his personal statement on the IWGC website, Mr Neeraj Garg says: “I believe in putting the patient at ease from the first meeting and follow them through to completion of treatment.” This is exactly what Mr Garg has done for me. From giving my initial cancer diagnosis, he followed up with a phone call when more results came in, to explain what type of cancer it was and what the implications were: more meetings before and after 2 operations.

During all of these meetings, Mr Garg never flinched from the hundreds of questions I asked – I never felt hurried along. It was hugely reassuring to have this level of dialog with the person who would perform both operations. Mr Garg’s manner was ideal for me… both matter of fact and sympathetic. I never doubted for a minute that I was getting the best possible care. After my operations I developed an infection and Mr Garg found time to fit me into his emergency clinic. I’m delighted to have the opportunity to give him the best feedback. Thanks Mr Garg!