King’s College Hospital

Mr Garg is hands down one of the most amazing doctors I’ve come across. Being diagnosed with Breast Cancer aged 24 was a tough pill to swallow, so many things went through my mind but Mr Garg always put me at ease, answered every question under the sun that I had and reassured me throughout the course of my treatment.

When it came to my surgery I was initially told that I would be having a lumpectomy on the effected breast, due to where the tumours were my breast size would decrease significantly, worried about being lopsided I asked Mr Garg if he would reduce the other size of my breast so I would be equal. He went out of his way to accommodate my request and I’m beyond happy with the fact that not only did I have a successful treatment and am healing well, after this whole ordeal I have an amazing pair of breasts all thanks to Mr Garg!
Thank you!!