King’s College Hospital

Mr Garg gave me confidence that I was in safe hands which was further supported by the fantastic team at Kings.
Mr Garg and his team were exceptional on all fronts – client communication, procedure execution and after-care. All my needs were met with professional and genuine dedication.
Mr Garg always put me at ease, answered every question and curve ball posed that I had, and reassured me throughout the course of my journey.

The pre and post procedures were explained thoroughly, succinctly and clearly, laying out accurate projections of results and expectations. This integrity was extremely important to me as I did not wish to be under any false pretences about results.

I was informed my breast size would decrease & nipple uplifted significantly. I was worried about being lopsided, but, Mr Garg reassured me he would reduce the size of my other breast after a year so they would be equal.

He went out of his way to re-evaluate the initial procedure to minimise the scarring.
The surgery was very successful with minimum scarring and the care and attention Mr Grag and the Breast Cancer team offered was outstanding.

I’m beyond happy with the fact that not only did I have a successful surgical outcome, am healing well and no further treatment is required, but at 53, I can honestly say after this whole ordeal I will have an amazing pair of breasts!
Mr Garg and the team at Kings were superb, supporting me all the way through recovery and making me feel like I was getting personal care.
I cannot recommend Mr Garg enough, he is a fantastic consultant.
Thank you!