Ipswich Hospital

Having spent the last 2 years with chronic neck, shoulder and backache, I applied for a breast reduction, something which no department I had seen recommended and hadn’t even considered this could have been the sole cause of my discomfort, for having such a large bust to a petite frame. I pursued this though my GP for funding and given the evidence of my discomfort, it was agreed I met the criteria for this to be done.

I met with Dr Garg and his team, who I have to say were very understanding and gave complete assurance about the procedure.

Once I came round for surgery and got out of bed, it was so noticeable, the weight and strain on my shoulders and neck had gone. Surgery was no where near as painful as I thought it was going to be, and absolutely delighted nearly 6 weeks post op with the outcome. Minimal scarring and heals so quickly. Looking forward to having a more active life, without my chest restricting me.

Thank you to the team ….it certainly has been life-changing.